14 Things Men Do That Women Are Yet To Understand 

Sugar nd' Spice

The Gist

I’ve been carrying an afro look for close to two weeks now, and that’s okay except people just want to touch my hair! Like they’d just grab locks of it or move their fingers right in to feel my scalp, all the time going “oooooh…. Is it all reeaaal…?“. For the first time in my life I knew the meaning of karma first-hand. I was getting punished for all those times I’ve tortured boys, putting my fingers into their hair and ruffling it. I now understood how annoying it was when girls did it to guys, me! I was now going around with a comb and all the while thinking “oooooh… so this is why guys always go about with a comb…

The List

The going around with a comb is not the only thing I didn’t get about boys/guys/men. So I made a…

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